Gil Desmarais


I maintain several side projects as a hobby.

This is a small selection of my side projects. Find more projects in the blog posts tagged with project and on my Github profile.

These are the most popular ones.


My RSS reader is my favorite place on the Internet. Every interesting content from different websites appears in the same format. Well, theoretically.
The availability of RSS has declined while social networks became popular.

html2rss scrapes websites to build RSS feeds, without reinventing the wheel for each and every website. With this tool I can continue to fill my favorite place on the Internet with interesting content.

The html2rss project consists of three components:

The config and the web components follow a rolling release pattern. The web repository automatically updates when there are changes in the config repository and publishes a new version.

Check out the project's website.

  1. Ruby
  2. RSpec
  3. Docker
  4. CI / CD
  5. YAML
  6. CSS
  7. XPath
  8. XML
  9. XSLT
  10. Roda
  11. Jekyll
  12. Github
  13. Cloudflare
  14. Monitoring
  15. git


A plugin for the Jekyll static site generator. It automatically adds loading="lazy" to all image and iframe HTML tags.
The loading attribute advises browsers to load the resource eagerly or lazily. You don't have to add JavaScript to your website anymore to lazily load images.

This plugin gives a quick performance gain on the client-side for every website generated by Jekyll. Read the introduction blog post.

  1. Ruby
  2. HTML5
  3. Jekyll
  4. SEO
  5. git