Gil Desmarais

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Why I taped the keys on my keyboard

About two years ago, I taped the keys on my work keyboard with fitting white labels.

The idea was to force myself to get better at typing without looking.1

I thought I’d type without looking all the time. Since the labels are on, I was reminded when I looked at the keyboard. It happened unconsciously a few times a day.

For a while I struggled to press the correct key in the number row. There’s no indicator like on the F and J key. With time I became more precise, but you can’t fully make up the missing indicators.

  • A photo of my taped keyboard

I ran out of labels to also tape the function key row and some super keys. The super keys I know in and out. Pressing one of the function keys is a well considered operation IMHO. When pressing one, I look at the keyboard and press that key, awaiting functions to happen.

  1. OK, there is another reason why I did this: I bought the keyboard of someone and it has a Nordic key layout, which contains characters which I’ve never seen before.