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Recent changes on my website

You may have already noticed some changes on my website. This post describes why and what has changed.

The previous version of my website was generated by a bunch of Grunt tasks. It was simple to setup and allowed easy usage of state of the art web technologies. That setup worked fine for two years.

However, keeping several node.js packages up to date became a cumbersome task. In the end it all worked, but it required investing too much time to keep the project in a buildable state.

The previous version also lacked blogging functionality which is something I wanted in the next iteration.

Long story short: I switched from Grunt tasks to Jekyll.

Since late 2014 – the time when I built the previous version of my website – a lot has changed in web development. What was state of the art back then, has been outpaced by new trends, methods or technologies. The switch was a great opportunity to use them.

It felt really good to throw a lot of ancient CSS away, replacing it with flexbox (throwing code away always satisfies me) and ditch the (auto-generated) sprites.png for some logos.

With the possibility of having a blog, I also decided to separate the content from a single page into smaller chunks, which allows you to grasp easily what the current page is about without scrolling swiping too much.

The colors didn’t change much. They’re still based on base16-tomorrow. However, the contrasts seemed very low sometimes (as pointed out by tota11y), so I darkened some colors.

I’m quite happy with the result.