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Rate songs in via Hotkey with Song Rating

My new laptop came with macOS Catalina pre-installed. As described in my post about managing music with iTunes, I rely on being able to rate the currently playing song with a specific amount of stars via Hotkey. Since the little app I used for that wasn’t updated in a long time and is incompatible with (which replaces iTunes in Catalina), I searched for an alternative.

Song Rating was the closest I could find, but it lacked the possibility to rate the amount of stars via Hotkey. But since it’s open-source, I was able to add the feature myself. I’ve fired up XCode, implemented the feature and opened a pull request to have it included in the next release.

The maintainer, @MainasuK, merged the pull request and already released version 1.2.5 this morning. Hooray!

In case you need such a rating utility which works with macOS Catalina (Big Sur is apparently supported, too), I recommend Song Rating.

  • Screenshot of Star-Rating