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Installing LineageOS on a new phone

I bought an Android device to fiddle with it. As an iOS user (and software developer creating UIs) I felt obligated to expose myself to the other side.

The phone is a Motorola G6 Plus. My idea was to install LineageOS on it. Before I could install it, I had to over-the-air upgrade to the latest Android version available.

Luckily, Pal was around and he did the tiresome work of taping OK, Reboot, Update for me. The whole process took several hours and required constant attention.1

As you can see in the last photo, Pal was really tired afterwards. But he did a good job and LineageOS is running smoothly since then.

Expect an more in-depth post about my Android experience in this blog soon.

  1. Remember when you installed Windows XP? In the middle of the process it always stopped and asked for information to enter. Imagine it being like this. Rinse and repeat several times.